Highlights Inter 0-1 AC Milan - 14/11/2010

Giornata 12

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  • Antonini, Antoniniiii, ANTONINIIIIIIIII!!!!! 😂

    CataollasCataollas3 أشهر قبل
  • Really fucking satisfied

    Rhama DarmawanRhama Darmawan3 أشهر قبل
  • It’s 10 years ago but ZLATAN STILL THE KING AT MILAN

    Rifadz BahtiarRifadz Bahtiar6 أشهر قبل
  • ForzaMilan #Forever...

    Mirna WatiMirna Wati7 أشهر قبل
  • Che goduria !!!!! Zatlan forever

    Giuseppe ZappiaGiuseppe Zappia11 أشهر قبل
  • Forza Ac milan 👍👍

    Achmad IsmailAchmad Ismail11 أشهر قبل
  • Materazzi complessato 😂

    Canguro RossoneroCanguro Rossoneroسنوات قبل
  • What a nesta? Super nesta

    Erwin KakaErwin Kakaسنوات قبل
  • Ibrahimovicccccccccccc............

    En Dau61En Dau61سنوات قبل
  • Ac milan + zlatan = ♥️ Inter milan + materazzi = 🤮💩

    Tamime TTamime Tسنوات قبل
  • Damn there's really a huge difference with this Milan and now. It's sad.

    Mr SocratesMr Socratesسنوات قبل
  • Milan Derby those days

    Tongsmai ReangTongsmai Reangسنوات قبل
  • just read an interview with Zlatan, where he said that he had avenged Materazzi for the injury he had suffered - he got a penalty from Materazzi and met him with a taekwondo hit. Also, Zlatan said that he had been waiting for this for four years. But this is true! - 1:10 - look at his gaze. And here is the hit - 8:24 p.s. sorry for google translate. p.p.s. 05.12.2019

    Pino KioPino Kioسنوات قبل
  • I came here after Zlatan's speech

    Ashaay VanAshaay Vanسنوات قبل
  • Who came here after Zlatan comments about Matterazzi

    Tongsmai ReangTongsmai Reangسنوات قبل
    • Tongsmai Yakcha 1:10 - look at his face. He is really had been waiting for this for four years =)

      Pino KioPino Kioسنوات قبل
    • me

      Ashaay VanAshaay Vanسنوات قبل
  • This team was played the game with desire!

    TheArdian05TheArdian052 سنوات قبل
  • Zlatan the Legend of football

    Narutored750Narutored7502 سنوات قبل
  • Ibra made Inter glorious (when he left Juventus) Ibra launched Milan renaissance (aborted when he left) Ibrahimovic is Serie A greatest player from 2005 to 2013

    Foxy PawsFoxy Paws2 سنوات قبل
  • 09:41 how fast Nesta was versus young Coutinho 😲

    Rahadim 10Rahadim 102 سنوات قبل
  • milan always will have more champions league trophies than intermilan forza ac milan

    aqeel -محمودaqeel -محمود2 سنوات قبل
  • Как он орёт, этот комментатор, он что бухой

    Ирина ТенИрина Тен2 سنوات قبل
  • ممكن ملخص الديربي موسم 2011_2012 مباراة الاياب ؟ وشكرا

    Abood TayehAbood Tayeh3 سنوات قبل
  • Fiery derby

    CC ChukwuCC Chukwu3 سنوات قبل
  • like usual inter using the refs to buy the league games. they were never greater than us Forza Milan

    Xanny EvangelistaXanny Evangelista4 سنوات قبل
    • Xanny Evangelista Inter isn't Rube lol

      KratosTattoKratosTatto4 سنوات قبل
  • عاشق الصلطان ابراهيموفتش

    Murtadha HassanMurtadha Hassan4 سنوات قبل
  • Milan > İnter

    Hernan CortesHernan Cortes4 سنوات قبل
    • @CalcioTV don't give a fuck

      Interista LeccheseInterista Leccheseأشهر قبل
    • @Interista Lecchese Forza Milan from Argentina 🇦🇷 my whole city Flies Milan flags during the derby ? We are of Italian descent 🇮🇹🔴⚫️🔴 🇦🇷

      CalcioTVCalcioTVأشهر قبل
    • @Interista Lecchese hey senior look i am not italian or not fanatic but i say truth sorry

      Hernan CortesHernan Cortes11 أشهر قبل
    • @Hernan Cortes yeah yeah you prick stay in the 10th position, this is what you deserve for your arrogance. You always inferior.

      Interista LeccheseInterista Lecchese11 أشهر قبل
    • @Interista Lecchese hahaha just cry idiot milan is always better milan is more popular milan is more succesful milan is always bigger than inter what a shame inter0 Milan6

      Hernan CortesHernan Cortes11 أشهر قبل
  • فورزا ميلان

    Wafi TahirWafi Tahir5 سنوات قبل
  • 08:49 Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, Bruce Lee hahahahhaha

    JasonBourne535JasonBourne5355 سنوات قبل
    • commentator his name roof klif the best commentator in the arab world

      بكاء خلف الكواليسبكاء خلف الكواليس5 أشهر قبل
  • assisti esse jogo. bons tempos de Inter e Milan que hoje são times medíocres

    Psycoskills FootballPsycoskills Football5 سنوات قبل
  • ال ديربي سيعودددد 👌👌👌

    سعيد محسنسعيد محسن5 سنوات قبل
  • aca debes regresar ZLATAN esto es fut bol, no esa madre del psg que parece balet.

    baloncuadrado1baloncuadrado16 سنوات قبل
    • @baloncuadrado1 cuando messi o cr7 jugaron con equipos de esta talla, Regresa IBRA.

      baloncuadrado1baloncuadrado16 سنوات قبل
  • The true Milan

    desdes6 سنوات قبل

      Yudha Budi PramudyaYudha Budi Pramudyaسنوات قبل
    • Not really

      Ibrahim AbdulIbrahim Abdul4 سنوات قبل
  • Great game

    Bram CarellaBram Carella6 سنوات قبل
  • LOOOOL THE COMMENTATOR SAYING "jackie chan" "jetli" "bruce lee" LMAO

    H AliH Ali6 سنوات قبل
  • موسم الاسكوديتوو

    مشاري العتيبيمشاري العتيبي6 سنوات قبل
  • awal scenario le zlatan el fanan

    captain somaliacaptain somalia7 سنوات قبل
  • Q se ponga el Milan los numeros Della Adidas Come antes ...come en el año 2003.....por que a los spagnoli le da Envidia ... una ayudita

    Francelli ZanardiFrancelli Zanardi7 سنوات قبل

    Luis Miguel PimentelLuis Miguel Pimentel7 سنوات قبل
    • Luis Miguel Pimentel FUCK INTER

      tka alitka ali3 سنوات قبل
  • Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li all has gone, Tyson is back !!!

    Vv009VVv009V8 سنوات قبل
  • Zlatan the powerplay

    Yousef IbrahimYousef Ibrahim9 سنوات قبل
  • zlatan used to be better, zlatan get back to who you were man

    bibi godsonbibi godson9 سنوات قبل

    Lorenzo SantiniLorenzo Santini9 سنوات قبل
  • 8:28..."fermerò Ibrahimovic con le buone o con le cattive"

    Sam333milanSam333milan9 سنوات قبل
  • nesta won them that

    anthony angiolinoanthony angiolino9 سنوات قبل
  • I agree with the commentator

    kerim96fullkerim96full9 سنوات قبل
  • Fuckin love arab commentators

    Saad KhanSaad Khan9 سنوات قبل
    • Saad Khan arab commentator made it 200%

      Joe AdleyJoe Adley2 سنوات قبل
  • Ibra Kill Who Kill Football In 8:27 Ibracadabra 4 Ever

    بنده‌ی خدابنده‌ی خدا9 سنوات قبل
  • i think Materazzi has something wrong in his mind. FORZA ROSSONERI!

    doblajes-j j-doblajesdoblajes-j j-doblajes9 سنوات قبل
  • @milangabriel yes

    Ede DakLakEde DakLak9 سنوات قبل
  • This is the game where the recovery started.. before this we were struggling head-to-head against Inter and had not won the league for 7 years... Zlatan's wages are too high but we needed him coz its not just his performances but he also brought the winning mentality which we were lacking, and that alone is worth his wages

    laxman90210laxman902109 سنوات قبل
  • i wonder if you can find arabic stream

    mwuwmwuw9 سنوات قبل
  • hot match

    LexXaocLexXaoc9 سنوات قبل
  • @Jonzer1983 svenne

    habbomanishhabbomanish9 سنوات قبل

    Festim KippFestim Kipp9 سنوات قبل
  • best commentator , i love him , emotion pure

    marco tmarco t9 سنوات قبل
  • 0:06 Seedrof: fuck im late...

    idoplayer1234idoplayer12349 سنوات قبل
  • LOL commentator is epic bruce lee jet lee jackie chan

    Kevin OKevin O9 سنوات قبل
  • 13:48, '' i'll smack you so dont!''

    BikersWithGoProsBikersWithGoPros9 سنوات قبل
  • Jet Li! Bruce Lee! lol

    MetalMike87MetalMike879 سنوات قبل
    • commentator his name roof klif the best commentator in the arab world

      بكاء خلف الكواليسبكاء خلف الكواليس5 أشهر قبل
  • @mrRYANrko I said I won't argue didn't I congratulations on your mother's kitchen knife mate.

    Bat ManBat Man9 سنوات قبل
  • @Mixxxmasters You need to a psychiatrist

    ibra vebraibra vebra9 سنوات قبل
  • @Mixxxmasters ey what you say about islam watch out what you're saying

    JO OPJO OP9 سنوات قبل
  • @yazan17586 ye true

    KaneEnabledKaneEnabled9 سنوات قبل
  • @TheDesaster7 Me too.. (Inter fun)..

    Secret RecordsSecret Records9 سنوات قبل
  • مبارات خطيرة ^_^

    MohammedMohammed9 سنوات قبل
  • 08:50 - Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee

    solarisX77solarisX779 سنوات قبل
  • fck pandev disgusting player fck pandev FCK......

    AzadAzad10 سنوات قبل
  • zlatan ibrahimovic is the best player in world

    HollywoodsfinestHollywoodsfinest10 سنوات قبل
  • 2:28 ..Klarens Sedof el portukaliii LOL hauahahuuahuhaha

    shpettim ramashpettim rama10 سنوات قبل
  • haha der kommentator ist der geilste :D

    amiboss23KAamiboss23KA10 سنوات قبل
  • bruce lee, jackie chan, bruce lee, jet le....hahahahahahah

    skullsilskullsil10 سنوات قبل
  • bester Kommentator:D

    russenstyle7russenstyle710 سنوات قبل
  • - 8

    massimo1235massimo123510 سنوات قبل
  • 3-0

    leonelazulleonelazul10 سنوات قبل
  • Zlaaaaataaan

    alianosinaldoalianosinaldo10 سنوات قبل
  • @TheDesaster7 we all hate pandev

    Ron80aldinhoRon80aldinho10 سنوات قبل
  • go home pandev

    Liev GLiev G10 سنوات قبل

    Cody SmithCody Smith10 سنوات قبل
  • 8:40 hahahahah at the commentator

    SOSAHSOSAH10 سنوات قبل
    • commentator his name roof klif the best commentator in the arab world

      بكاء خلف الكواليسبكاء خلف الكواليس5 أشهر قبل
  • @oOENRICOo infatti, sono contento si riapra il campionato, poi se lo vincete voi meritatamente ben venga ma c' è anche la Champions!!

    marramiero828282marramiero82828210 سنوات قبل
  • al ritorno vi massacriamo , aBBasso il BBilan

    marramiero828282marramiero82828210 سنوات قبل
  • This was the only time this season I saw Seedorf playing like he is expected to, Pure quality.

    Bat ManBat Man10 سنوات قبل
  • ra'oof khleef is the best commentator ever he made this game like a war i like that

    yazan17586yazan1758610 سنوات قبل
  • who's your daddy now? viva Milan

    humanoidhumanoid10 سنوات قبل
  • Always Metarazzi lmao, such a loser.

    Hengx9Hengx910 سنوات قبل
  • until abate's expulsion there was a complete demolition of inter and domination of milan i can't belive how one sided it was.

    ForzaAquilaForzaAquila10 سنوات قبل
  • UN commento strepitoso WASSAAAAAAAAAA

    Sam MilanoSam Milano10 سنوات قبل
  • I knew that this game ended 0-1 for Milan but it was like watching again with that Commentary i thought inter was going to score lol

    Ardian BehluliArdian Behluli10 سنوات قبل
  • Most Awsome Commentary EVAR!!!

    Andreas JansonAndreas Janson10 سنوات قبل
  • LOL @ Ibra killing Materazzi haha

    theREALstefmantheREALstefman10 سنوات قبل
  • hahahaha quest anno lo vinciamo noi tutto hahaha lo sapevo che lo vincevamo noi il derby e finito l'anno scorso il momento dell'inter adesso ricomincia a dominare il diavolo e voi tornate le merde che siete sempre stati e sempre sarete

    ivan scuderiivan scuderi10 سنوات قبل
  • @Collected23 Hahaa, great movie

    sjurinhosjurinho10 سنوات قبل
  • @Balmore91 it's Arabic :))

    Karim AbdelazizKarim Abdelaziz10 سنوات قبل
  • @sjurinho Everybody was kung fu fightieeeeng those kicks were fast as lightieeeng Huh woo ha!

    Karim AbdelazizKarim Abdelaziz10 سنوات قبل
  • hahaahaha adesso interisti ditemi non vi mettete le maschere di silvio berlusconi hahahahahaha forza milan abbiamo vinto da signori senza beffeggiare nessuno !!

    RosD MusicRosD Music10 سنوات قبل
  • could not understand the announcer,, but i think he is awesome

    BalmoreBalmore10 سنوات قبل
  • where is ronaldinho?why he do not play?

    Saido lSaido l10 سنوات قبل
  • @AlexThomson1000 he wasn't going back, he simply tried to set himself, and every game is decided by the ref, read the rulebook if you don't get that

    Charles AdjovuCharles Adjovu10 سنوات قبل
  • @AlexThomson1000 that is just stupid, he could see the defender next to him and that's why he pulled the ball back, but he could not see materazzi who came from the behind and pulled his leg down. That was a correct decision by the ref. Even the Inter players didn't oppose to this decision.

    Minh NguyenMinh Nguyen10 سنوات قبل
  • -=zigari=-

    Velislav DimitrovVelislav Dimitrov10 سنوات قبل