Dad and Son.Real friendship?.Dednahype show

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  • He got ripped off. (This is a joke)

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  • A mi ni 20 centavos me dan

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  • Wow

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  • me encantó por que se tien lo que te dan es un buen ejemplo nadie tiene tanta plata

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  • Meda. Ganas. De. Yorar

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  • The older person is soo kind

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  • Correcto no es por como es o que es lo que importa es regalarlo con el corazon

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  • what love the father doesn't at the door he just wants affection

    Tessália gamerTessália gamerأيام قبل
  • Love is not a thing where we always need expenaive thing things we give from our heart is what we call friendship

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  • You are so so so sweet

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  • Heck, i almost cried about this video

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  • It doesn't matter what u get me what matters is that u gave it to me🥰

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  • It's so sweet I like how he doesn't care about how it's just a snickers bar and he still loves it makes me wanna cry

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  • El gregalo no importa ni el dinero es el amor de amigos o amigas

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  • Aw so cute

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  • what is mud to one is gold to another

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  • Wow they son and father joined

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