Crazy egg trick! #shorts

You should try this one!

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  • Ah, a magician never reveals his tri....😲

    YouTubeYouTube21 أيام قبل
    • Hey magican, how much money you pay for ARchannels recommended your video

      MiY is Me UwUMiY is Me UwU8 أيام قبل
    • Hi

      Mary's worldMary's world8 أيام قبل
    • Stop recommending this guy yt

      T & C ProductionsT & C Productions20 أيام قبل
    • ARchannelss back at it again

      DoffDoff20 أيام قبل
    • “Joined 51 years ago”? Do you mail your videos in the 1970’s??

      CatCat20 أيام قبل
  • عاجبني

    nada libzonada libzo36 دقائق قبل
  • Not an idiot I saw you throw it down

    Daniel BrumfieldDaniel Brumfield46 دقائق قبل
  • Ang galing naman

    Mima MasiragMima Masirag57 دقائق قبل
  • He is the type of guy, "That ARchannels likes him so much that even they made a comment which I've never seen before"

    BoredBoredساعات قبل

    Iteshri MishraIteshri Mishraساعات قبل
  • You drop it

    Kandie SteadmanKandie Steadmanساعات قبل
  • I’ve seen his videos so much that I have memorised his lines and the song in the background

    zerozeroساعات قبل
  • I I saw you drop the card

    Stephanie FortenbeerryStephanie Fortenbeerryساعات قبل
  • Baboushka

    Paulinekke16Paulinekke16ساعات قبل
  • Is not real

    i am jellyi am jellyساعات قبل
  • You know it’s fake when the egg is just coincidentally empty

    Mei SasakuraMei Sasakuraساعات قبل
  • I blocked this guy, why does these keep appearing

    ErikaErikaساعات قبل
  • Mentira no yso magia

    Monica AldanaMonica Aldana2 ساعات قبل
  • He is the type of guy that climbs over a glass wall to see what's on the other side

    Rafsan sikderRafsan sikder2 ساعات قبل
  • Is this real?

    The F WordThe F Word2 ساعات قبل
  • 😆😂😂😆😂😆😆😂

    Braxton CannonBraxton Cannon2 ساعات قبل
  • Cringe

    Pim TheuerzeitPim Theuerzeit2 ساعات قبل
  • He wasn’t sneaky I literally saw him drop it zero out of 10

    Jessica N OvunwoJessica N Ovunwo2 ساعات قبل
  • 素直にきもい

    わわわわわわ2 ساعات قبل
  • I don't love you 😡😡

    nour alnjjarnour alnjjar3 ساعات قبل
  • كذاب ومخادع

    سعيد سعيدسعيد سعيد3 ساعات قبل
  • inanmayın dikkatli bakınca kartı diğer eliyle yere atiyo

    Serpil AltıntopSerpil Altıntop3 ساعات قبل
  • I saw you dropped the card

    Arnie VanWardhuizenArnie VanWardhuizen3 ساعات قبل
  • Pagal

    zehran sharjeelzehran sharjeel3 ساعات قبل
  • Gw indo sendiri kek nya

    Hiro Code 016Hiro Code 0163 ساعات قبل
  • This guy makes me want to be a Bully

    BattransBattrans3 ساعات قبل
  • Today I excelled

    Alaa who loves GodAlaa who loves God3 ساعات قبل
  • I think u failed

    Paul LoL PLPaul LoL PL4 ساعات قبل
  • I saw the card at his other hand ✋

    Gambian FatouGambian Fatou4 ساعات قبل
  • No hace magia de verdad solo mustra como hacer ilusiones

    ariel fuentesariel fuentes4 ساعات قبل
  • Bruh he let the card fall 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🤣

    Daniel Asfaha WeldenkealDaniel Asfaha Weldenkeal4 ساعات قبل
  • هل يوجد عرب

    حموده الحلبيحموده الحلبي4 ساعات قبل
  • Didn’t you see him drop that idiots

    Dee DavisDee Davis4 ساعات قبل
  • I saw him drop the 1st card on the floor😒

  • I legit saw you drop the card

    GT!Papyrus - GlitchtaleGT!Papyrus - Glitchtale4 ساعات قبل
  • Did I just see what had happened he dropped the other pice

    Steven HalliwellSteven Halliwell4 ساعات قبل
  • He's that kind of guy to act super drunk after drinking non-alcoholic beer

    Koi's CoffeeKoi's Coffee4 ساعات قبل
  • I can see the card in the egg 😑👁👄👁👄👁

    I am gay gayI am gay gay5 ساعات قبل
  • Cuando la tiro :v

    juan pablo gonzálezjuan pablo gonzález5 ساعات قبل
  • Al tipo se le vio la tarjeta :v

    juan pablo gonzálezjuan pablo gonzález5 ساعات قبل
  • U can clearly tell this is fake because where is the egg itself huh?

    rayane macbahirayane macbahi5 ساعات قبل
  • Subió la tarjeta en el huevo y también se vio que se vio que tiro

    Nelsi BourcheidNelsi Bourcheid6 ساعات قبل
  • Omg

    Stacey JessonStacey Jesson6 ساعات قبل
  • Your so amazing and your handsome

    Queen Elizabeth familyQueen Elizabeth family6 ساعات قبل
  • I have no excuse for being such a failure at life.

    Wesley EstesWesley Estes6 ساعات قبل
  • U~U👏

    eliana eliza araujoeliana eliza araujo6 ساعات قبل
  • U~U

    eliana eliza araujoeliana eliza araujo6 ساعات قبل
  • Buuuuu

    fadi Elnomeirifadi Elnomeiri6 ساعات قبل
  • Ben kordom ate

  • no es nada de magia xk a la carta la tira al piso 😬👎

    Gladys susana MottaGladys susana Motta7 ساعات قبل
  • Does this kids videos and face just piss anyone else off or is it just me

    Walker HuffmanWalker Huffman7 ساعات قبل
  • SOB

    ashish panwarashish panwar7 ساعات قبل
  • He’s the type of guy that plays hide and seek with himself and won’t get out until he finds him

    Mintcocoadream ZzzMintcocoadream Zzz7 ساعات قبل
  • I saw him throwing the card 😂😂

    addidas gameraddidas gamer7 ساعات قبل
  • I saw him throw it on teh floor :>

    Mouresha kennedyMouresha kennedy7 ساعات قبل
  • I just saw the card you dropped😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Jannet BitosJannet Bitos7 ساعات قبل
  • Maaincra

    Alex SasakiAlex Sasaki7 ساعات قبل
  • Uhh

    Iman LutfiIman Lutfi7 ساعات قبل
  • Wow! Great short video👍my friend. Hope we are friends?

    Electric car & bike Norway Sweden Denmark EVElectric car & bike Norway Sweden Denmark EV7 ساعات قبل
  • Easily pata chala Diya hai aapane udhar fenk Diya

    Sapna AgarwalSapna Agarwal7 ساعات قبل
  • Were are the results?

    sup boissup bois8 ساعات قبل
  • Not to be rude but you could use a bit of mewing

    Blown Creation sBlown Creation s8 ساعات قبل
  • اكير تافه ع وجه الارض

    DXDDXD8 ساعات قبل
  • Que chafa 😕 la neta 😕😕

    Lizbeth BautistaLizbeth Bautista8 ساعات قبل

    XxRiham_FathyxXXxRiham_FathyxX8 ساعات قبل
  • Boring trick

    XxRiham_FathyxXXxRiham_FathyxX8 ساعات قبل
  • Omajgad

    Lukasz DominLukasz Domin8 ساعات قبل
  • Ok hair. We. Gal.

    Andrew RyanAndrew Ryan9 ساعات قبل
  • So dum dum

    Marcelle StapelbergMarcelle Stapelberg9 ساعات قبل
  • Ore the timer was 19 sec

    Vanessa RokvicVanessa Rokvic9 ساعات قبل
  • This videos timer was 19 sec

    Vanessa RokvicVanessa Rokvic9 ساعات قبل
  • laikiu FALOFALO

    Noory KimNoory Kim9 ساعات قبل
  • Было видно как ты карты кбрал

    Sonya KressSonya Kress10 ساعات قبل
  • Se calló la primera carta al suelo

    ConsejeitorConsejeitor10 ساعات قبل
  • Get a life

    Hi Buddy Waz supHi Buddy Waz sup10 ساعات قبل
  • Yalan bu inanmayın kartı arkasına atıyor

    Boran DoğruoğluBoran Doğruoğlu11 ساعات قبل
  • Bruh 😧

    Robert SantosRobert Santos11 ساعات قبل
  • So boring

    Shawn ArendseShawn Arendse11 ساعات قبل

    Carpova DianaCarpova Diana11 ساعات قبل
  • Там все видно!!!!!!

    Skorikova EvgeniySkorikova Evgeniy12 ساعات قبل
  • heah weh gew

    van powersvan powers12 ساعات قبل
  • I don’t like him and I don’t know why😭

    Jaylen WilliamsJaylen Williams12 ساعات قبل
  • I notice when you take card and throw down it on land with your other hand i also see when you take egg and crush it i see before a card on it

    Azblock bgAzblock bg12 ساعات قبل
  • Saf saf pata lag raha hai ki tune neca fax deya

    Bhavyansh SinghBhavyansh Singh12 ساعات قبل
  • Okay. Here. We. Go.

    Haily HuntsberryHaily Huntsberry12 ساعات قبل
  • He’s the kind of guy who’s mom tied a steak around his neck so the dog would play with him

    Moody CreekMoody Creek12 ساعات قبل
  • Very good

    Λια ΧαριτουΛια Χαριτου13 ساعات قبل
  • I was thinking at the beginning that there is dnf on this card

    Loli- ChanLoli- Chan13 ساعات قبل
  • Aaaha yes..The egg doesn't have any yolk or anything...Of Course!

    Samta JainSamta Jain13 ساعات قبل
  • what is the name of this song? please

    Angela SilvaAngela Silva13 ساعات قبل
  • Why am i watching walmart karl jacob doing fake magic trick 😭😭

    Kekvinnn LessKekvinnn Less13 ساعات قبل
  • Aya

  • This was fail because i can see the card in the egg and he threw it so this is not magic

  • He’s the type of guy that would forget his backpack at his house

    Natividad ValdezNatividad Valdez13 ساعات قبل
  • Watafac

    Jelai BelloJelai Bello13 ساعات قبل
  • I don't like you😵😵

    Manju KcManju Kc14 ساعات قبل
  • When someone will ask him.."what type of guy you are"...he just simply gonna show him the comment section of his😑

    Shreya GogianShreya Gogian14 ساعات قبل